National Spouse Day


Hopefully we’re not in the habit of showing our spouse genuine appreciation one day per year. But for those of us slipping, may National Spouse Day remind us that giving appreciation is always warranted.

In our family, no one is more deserving of appreciation than my wife. Jamie’s sacrifices for our family are inspirational. In a matter of 35 ½ weeks, she made 2 hearts, 2 brains, 4 lungs, 8 limbs, 40 digits, and one life changing decision. Not only did she grow two babies at once, she concluded it was far more important to see her kids thrive than her career. In that moment, she stepped out of corporate America and into a life with limited vacation and recognition.  

I’m not sure how many hats she wears or what it even takes to juggle them all. Perhaps a strong dose of selflessness mixed with an immeasurable amount of inner strength. Over the past nine years, I’ve witnessed what being a great spouse looks like done well. In turn, it’s caused me to grow closer to God, closer to her, and question how a small-town skinny boy landed a big-hearted beautiful girl.

I was 30 years old when our paths crossed and had a lot going for me!

Lived in the neighbor’s basement - Yet she believed in me.

Focused on personal goals - Yet she encouraged me.

Financially broke - Yet she never complained.

Emotionally spent - Yet she showed me compassion.

Hard to love – Yet she loved me despite myself.

Simply put, I was just north of going south - Yet she refused to let me fall.

Jamie’s sacrifices for our family motivates me to love deeper and never weaken. Unfortunately, I’ve miss my fair share of opportunities to show my appreciation. So, in honor of National Spouse Appreciate Day I just want to say…

                Baby Girl, I appreciate you more and more every day.

I suppose that when our kids reflect on who their mom is, they will hold you in the same high regards that I hold my mom…the best ever. They will talk about a strong willed, classy, determined, selfless, loving mother with high standards who expects the best of herself and of others.  For that reason alone, they will achieve more than we ever imagined possible. 

Strangely, when people are seen for who they can be, they become everything they were created to be.

Go West,