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 Many of us would say it takes guts and a little bit of crazy to step toe-to-toe with a powerful, 1,700 pound bull. For Air Force Officer and Hall-of-Fame bullfighter, Jeremy Sparks, it took faith and a calling from God.


“Readers looking for inspiration (or just a great story) will discover a wild ride that proves just how twisty some paths to Christ can be.”
— Publisher's Weekly


About Jeremy

Jeremy Sparks is a retired Professional Rodeo Cowboy Association member, Air Force officer, Hall of Fame Bullfighter and author of Go West - 10 Principles That Guided My Cowboy Journey.

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A Cowboys Calling

Sparks recounts the western way of life, his death-defying journey to the Hall-of-Fame, and the Cowboy Principles that kept him grounded in his faith. 

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Go West Principle #3:
Bear Down

Bear down really means that the preparation of hard work never ends. The house isn't built in one day, you gotta prepare. Know that the preparation you're doing today is going to pay off tomorrow.